The Little House on the Highway

John B. Marek

Ocean of Storms

Ben and the Art of Lawnmower Maintenance

Mountain Island Lake, N.C.

John's Books

A literary triptych featuring three separate but related stories: “The Age of Rockets” tells a mysterious tale of the 4th of July storm of 1969; “Moonnight Laika” offers a different perspective on the first manned lunar mission; and “The Wreck” brings the story full-circle as a fisherman happens upon an ominous discovery. ​Hardcover, 52 pages.

The Bug Jar and Other Stories

A young boy running an errand for his harried mother, a desperate office worker having a drink after work, a father-daughter outing in the woods, an innocent meet-cute at the gym and a volunteer fire department practice burn. These are the mundane, yet subtly dark tableaus writer John invites you to visit in this collection of short fiction.  Paperback, 110 pages.

In October of 1987, John and his wife of just one year purchased a decrepit farmhouse and an acre of land on U.S. Highway 25 halfway between Perrysburg and Bowling Green, Ohio with the dream of establishing a self-reliant homestead complete with orchard, garden, chickens, and goats (you need two, one gets lonely). Things went wrong; very, very wrong. In his humorous and surprisingly poignant portrayal of a dream spiraling out of control, John confronts his youthful hubris head-on and reimagines his homestead concept with 30 years of hard-won insight.  

John weaves humorous personal anecdotes with fascinating historical facts about lawns and lawn care and recounts his father's homespun wisdom alongside insight gained from his own suburban homesteading experiences.

Paperback, 146 pages. 

ISBN: 9781387423859