New Beginnings Moravian Garden

John B. Marek

Beginning in January 2020, John will be lending his expertise in alternative gardening methods to a faith-based community garden project. New Beginnings Moravian Garden is an outreach ministry of New Beginnings Moravian Church of Huntersville, North Carolina, where John is a member. 

The garden will be located on a 13-acre tract of land the church owns at the corner of Black Farms Road and N.C. Highway 73, about 3 miles from downtown Huntersville. The primary purpose of the garden will be to provide fresh produce for local food banks, fulfilling the Biblical imperative to feed the hungry.

The garden ministry will also offer education and outreach programs that will strengthen the resilience and self-reliance of the community while communicating the church's prime message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Phase One of the project will break ground in January 2020 and will consist of a fenced 30' x 30' foot area with eight 4' x 8' Square Foot beds, a tool storage shed and a 4' x 15' "lasagna" flower bed. Phase Two, which is expected to launch in 2021, will double that growing capability.